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Crafted using traditional methods, H4CBD resin is derived from pollen condensed from H4CBD flowers grown on MAGIC FARMERS’ fields.

La Mousse, renowned for its foamy texture, offers a sweet yet subtly bitter taste.

With 25% H4CBD and THC levels below 0.2%, this hash delivers gradual mental and physical relaxation.

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H4CBD resin is designed using traditional methods, by condensation of pollen from H4CBD flowers. The flowers used in the manufacture of this hash come from the MAGIC FARMERS crops.

As its name suggests, this H4CBD resin stands out for its foamy texture, very pleasant to crumble. On the palate, La Mousse is very sweet with half-bitter, half-sweet notes. This H4CBD hash provides progressive effects of mental and physical relaxation.

H4CBD: 25% | THC < 0.2%


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28g (Ounce), 3.5g (Eighth), 7g (Quarter)


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