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Explore the enchantment of H4CBD flowers at Big Hippo Store! Cultivated on the esteemed MAGIC FARMERS farms, these top-tier blooms are meticulously nurtured for unrivalled flavour and potency.

Delight in the exotic sweetness of Forbidden Fruit H4CBD, featuring a remarkable 30% hydrogenated cannabidiol. With THC levels below 0.2%, relish pure bliss without compromise.

Sample the forbidden fruit today, exclusively at Big Hippo Store


H4CBD (hydrogenated cannabidiol) flowers grow on MAGIC FARMERS farms. Their experts take care to optimise flowering in order to offer the best H4CBD flowers on the market. Rest assured they most certainly are!

Taste the forbidden fruit with Forbidden Fruit H4CBD. This floral luminary stands out for its exoticism and sweet intensity. With its 30% hydrogenated cannabidiol, it is as surprising for its flavors as for its effects.

H4CBD: 30% | THC < 0.2%

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1 Gram, 28g (Ounce), 3.5g (Eighth), 7g (Quarter)


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